Sunday, September 5, 2010

Are we Growing? me a middle-ager...we are getting to a stage of our lives when everything is changing....Our Bodies (anyone else amazed about how much our bodies have a mind of it's own????)...Our Spirituality...if we are followers, growing is required, encouraged and almost the next more excuses, and no more time to waste.  Our jobs...the title, money or influence doesn't really matter anymore...only working for the right reasons.

So this blog is about two of my most difficult challenges....PRIDE and JUDGEMENT.  Steve and I are members of a great, young, church plant.  We also attend a mega church for "interest" and just worship.  We are lovers of the Saturday night service option, but our church doesn't have that...yet.  So our experience at last night's church was really challenge, felt like VBS (vacation bible school).  I WANT to be challenged, convicted and taught....but it was FLAT.  Marty was better today.  He is preaching on Christian Atheism and it is powerful, but today...maybe is it really ME that is having the trouble...not the pastors.  Guess I have to think about that since the common denominator for both services was ME.  SO...judging someone elses work is not the best.   AND thinking that I might know better is even worse...UGH...struggling

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lovely Evening

I don't know how many of us "middle agers" actually realise how lucky we are to meet and get to know an entirely different set of folks.  REALLY...think about it.  We can have dinner and meet couples with no rush or preconceived notion that we actually have to like them if we don't...i.e the spouse of a work friend; the college roommates new girlfriend....the parents of our children's friends.

Steve and I had a lovely evening with a couple that we happened to meet in the Red Lobster and shared a meal with months ago.  That too, was a great evening and the thought that we would actually start a friendship was just "hazy".  You really never know...HOWEVER, they reached out to us again and we had a great time getting to know people who share lots of our same values and life experiences.  God really does know when to put new folks in our paths.

I know that I am a seed planter, but to see a harvest like a new friend makes my heart smile!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WOW a year!

This is like every single journal that I have ever started. I get started with great intention and then....I never go back. I promised my nieces and my sweet daughter, who left for Spain yesterday, that I too, would blog while she was away and attempt to to keep in touch with my family...I hardly every complete these "journals". My sweet sister is also starting a blog...we are a bit competitive, but as I grow older, we are so much alike.

I thought about changing this title....something more spiritual, but this IS spiritual. I believe that the Bible is the divine word of God and Ecclesiastes 3:1 for everything there is a season a time for every season under heaven.

For this month, I will attempt to at least make an effort to post a blog more often....YES...than once a year. I can't even begin to tell you how much has happened in the last year. I can't even REMEMBER what has happened in the last year. I can always blame it on the fact that I am 50...and the short term memory is the first to go!

We are SO blessed, and everyday, I attempt to walk closer with my Lord. It is harder and easier than I have thought, but love the opportunity.

May you be blessed.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Steve and I have been in Arizona 4 months together. I moved here October 31, 2008, and started my new job at Clinica Adelante on November 10, 2008. Fitting time to begin...Marine Corps Birthday and Cameron had just left active duty!

We are "honeymooning". We really have never been alone, so this time is new...different and a bit unsettling. We are starting to know each other in a new and better light.

The first 6 months we spent apart. Steve was back in Muncie trying to sell the house, get Shelbe settled at Butler, getting Cameron re-settled in Muncie and fulfilling his obligation to the Emmaus Community as the Lay Director of Walk #25. It was not just was really hard. this new place, new job, new church, new people, new friends, no real sense of belonging and no family around (Mom and Dad were in Lake Havasu City...but still not "here). It was a time of reflection and re-beginning. God is so good. He gave me the time to see Him in a new of purpose and conviction.