Sunday, September 5, 2010

Are we Growing? me a middle-ager...we are getting to a stage of our lives when everything is changing....Our Bodies (anyone else amazed about how much our bodies have a mind of it's own????)...Our Spirituality...if we are followers, growing is required, encouraged and almost the next more excuses, and no more time to waste.  Our jobs...the title, money or influence doesn't really matter anymore...only working for the right reasons.

So this blog is about two of my most difficult challenges....PRIDE and JUDGEMENT.  Steve and I are members of a great, young, church plant.  We also attend a mega church for "interest" and just worship.  We are lovers of the Saturday night service option, but our church doesn't have that...yet.  So our experience at last night's church was really challenge, felt like VBS (vacation bible school).  I WANT to be challenged, convicted and taught....but it was FLAT.  Marty was better today.  He is preaching on Christian Atheism and it is powerful, but today...maybe is it really ME that is having the trouble...not the pastors.  Guess I have to think about that since the common denominator for both services was ME.  SO...judging someone elses work is not the best.   AND thinking that I might know better is even worse...UGH...struggling

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Wamhoffs said...

HI Aunt Teet! I'll be the first to post a comment and prove that I am reading your blog (aka journal)!

I agree with your thoughts about going to church and getting challenged. I say this quite frequently to Greg! I know sometimes they are just trying to show the "little things" to a big group of people. ::sigh::

p.s. Erika & I are going to make a trip out to is a must!! =)